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How You Can Choose the Absolute Best Hair Loss Product?

How many different kinds of hair loss product are out there? It's a question that every man who has just started his search for the right product will have. The answer is almost always the same though - too many to count. So, how exactly do you go about choosing the best hair loss product, ensuring that the product doesn't have any side effects, that it stops hair loss, and that it helps to regrow the lost hair? Is there even such a product on the market - one that will help to revitalize the growth of hair without causing any undue stress or problems in the future? The first thing you'll need to know is exactly what causes hair loss and then which hair loss product is going to help cut the source off.

Every hair loss product for men does basically the same thing. It goes into your scalp and stops the production of a hormone that blocks the hair follicle from actively growing new hair. The reason this is such a problem to start with is that the hormone is so strong and generally speaking there is no good way to stop it other than with a medication or supplement that knows how to block it. The reason is simple - it's a genetic trait to overproduce the hormone - in this case known as DHT. The DHT is produced when the body starts to interact unduly with the enzymes and hormones already there. The body overproduces an enzyme that interacts with testosterone and ultimately reduces the body's ability to grow hair.

So, what every man with hair loss needs is a product that will stop the DHT from forming so easily and then that blocks DHT from latching on to hair follicles and blocking the hair growth. They also need a syrum or foam that will go into the scalp and clear out the follicles and prepare them for new hair growth as easily and smoothly as possible as the follicles get the nutrients they need and heal.

The best product on the market right now that has been proven time and again to do just this is Procerin. Built from the ground up to interact with the body's naturally occurring proclivities to block hair loss, Procerin works to help men stop hair loss before it completely destroys their scalp beyond repair. In terms of a hair loss product, Procerin is among the best out there.

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