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There's something about this country and hairloss products. They pop up everywhere - the answer to a question every man seems to have on his mind. After all, androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness is something that millions of men have to deal with it. It's a very common genetic condition in which the body starts to overproduce dihydrotestosterone or DHT. That DHT will then get into the hair follicles and stop the body from getting the nutrients the hair needs to grow into the follicles. As a result, the body stops growing new hair in those follicles and men think they hair is permanently gone.

The truth is a lot simpler and luckily for men something they can turn around. Rather than their hair being gone forever, men can find hairloss products that act on still live hair follicles to block DHT and start regrowth. Some follicles may die out if left alone too long - the result of poisoning by DHT. However, those who are smart and get on the situation quickly enough can save their follicles, getting them while the hair is still in a growth cycle. This means that men who are between 18 and 35 and experiencing hairloss can almost always find good hairloss products and turn back the clock on their hairloss.

But, the problem with this solution is that so many of the hairloss products on the market can cause a series of heavy side effects that are not quite worth what men are giving up to grow their hair back. Things like sexual problems and vascular disorders that develop from messing with the testosterone a bit too much can crop up and in the end, men start to feel even worse than they did to start with - due in large part to the way their bodies react to the hairloss products they take. There are of course solutions to that problem as well - mainly in the form of natural hairloss products, those that are made with natural herbs and supplements instead of chemical formulas.

And for those men seeking a chemical free solution to their hairloss, hairloss products don't come any more natural or effective than Procerin. Rather than loading the body up with chemicals, Procerin will help the body restore hair naturally, without any of the unwanted side effects that come from so many other options.

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