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Men lose their hair - it's a fact and yet most men don't actually know why they lose their hair. They just know that one day they will wake up and their hair will be thinning, falling out from key points on their scalp that will either make them incredibly self conscious or lead to a new found habit of buying and wearing multiple different kinds of hats. Hair loss treatment products have been developed as a result that can help men overcome the genetic factors that lead to hair loss. These products come in both medical and supplemental forms - each of them providing a different means to encourage proper growth in the scalp.

Hair loss treatment products that men see on TV tend to be the kinds that are full of chemicals and that don't safely treat hair loss at the source. The DHT that men with early hair loss tend to overproduce will be blocked and the hair follicles will start to regrow hair, but the same chemicals that block DHT will often block testosterone as well and lead to a wide array of different health problems such as sexual dysfunction. Men with such problems are then left to figure out exactly what caused their second problem and whether it's worth it to lose hair or lose their sex drive.

The good news though is that this kind of side effect isn't necessary. There are hair loss treatment products on the market that do not cause sexual problems - the ones that are all natural and work with the body's chemistry to boost health. Rather than making people sick, natural hair loss treatment products help to encourage overall scalp health while still reducing the presence of DHT. In the end, when the DHT is cut back and the follicles are healthy, they will regrow hair on their own, naturally.

For men seeking an all natural hair loss treatment product, the best one on the market at the moment is Procerin. Formulated in a way that allows the scalp to stop the production of DHT and to block the incursion of other unwanted chemicals, Procerin will help to regrow hair on two fronts - from the inside and from the outside with a syrum that boosts hair regrowth physically. Together, these two products are built in a way that will ensure the best possible health for the scalp.

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