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When Hair Loss Companies Promote a Questionable Top Hair Loss Product with Innovative Marketing Gimmicks You Might Lose More Than Your Hair

The hair replacement business is a multi-billion dollar industry that has a diversified hair loss product mix that contains a plethora of ingredients and some of those ingredients have nothing to do with helping the body stimulate new hair growth. Innovative marketing gimmicks don't stimulate hair growth; a top hair loss product must contain the ingredients that are known to stimulate and balance hormone secretion.

Most hair replacement companies claim they have the top hair loss product, but unless you do some research and become familiar with the ingredients that can stimulate hair growth you might lose a hefty chuck of your back account without getting the results you expect. It's also important to identify the cause of your hair loss before you buy any top hair loss product.

A top hair loss product must be able to perform at least two tasks in order to stimulate hair growth once you have identified the cause of your hair loss. The first task is to help balance hormone secretion. If your body is producing too much testosterone the excess testosterone is automatically converted to a by-product enzyme called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT attacks the roots of hair follicles and that causes the hair to fall out.

The second task is to stimulate the follicle once DHT production is blocked. A top hair loss product should be able to help the hair follicle move from one of the dormant stages of the hair growth cycle to the active stage where new hair growth begins.

A top hair loss product must contain the essential vitamins and nutrients that are known to stimulate the hair follicle so ninety percent of your follicles are in the active stage and ten percent of your follicles are in the dormant stages of the cycle.

There is One Top Hair Loss Product That Contains the Ingredients Recommended By Most Dermatologists

Some men and women say the only way to deal with hair loss is to consult with a dermatologist and get a prescription medication to stimulate hair growth. Most of the prescription medications are synthetic hormones that can cause some annoying side effects when your hormones are not balanced.

Most dermatologists recommend the ingredients in Procerin to block DHT production and to stimulate hair follicles so they can return to the active stage of hair growth. Procerin is considered a top hair loss product because it uses a two step approach to hair lost.

A Procerin tablet works internally to block DHT production, and the topical foam works externally to clean and stimulate the follicle pores so new hair can grow without interference.

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