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Hair loss in women is not something that many people take seriously. It is a very significant problem, however, and there are some products out there designed to address it directly. In order to choose the right one, however, it is important to know exactly what you are looking for. You will not be able to find the top hair loss product for women without a little bit of knowledge under your belt about the real causes of your hair loss. Once you understand the root causes, you will be much better equipped to make an informed and accurate decision about which product is right for you.

The majority of hair loss in women is caused by a condition known as female androgenetic alopecia. This condition is typified by and overall thinning of new hair growth. When the new hair growing in is not as thick and healthy as the older hair it is replacing, the result can be quite a dramatic reduction in total hair volume. This is not something that is obvious right away, but over time it can become very noticeable.

Another common cause of female hair loss is a condition called female telogen effluvium. Women who suffer from this condition often see decreased new hair growth and excess shedding. Often this can be the result of hormonal shifts or vitamin deficiencies, but it can occur as a result of acute illness as well.

The top hair loss product for women will be able to address both of these problems, and indeed they are both very treatable. The first essential element of any successful treatment program will be to make sure that you have all of the nutrients you need to produce healthy new hair growth. Because hair is made up predominately of protein, it is important to make sure you have enough of this vital building block in your system.

While you may consume plenty of protein in your normal diet, deficiencies in other areas can limit your body's ability to absorb that protein. That is why the top hair loss product for women will necessarily include a comprehensive dietary supplement. In order to get results fast, however, you want something that will work directly on your hair follicles, and so you want to find a product that includes some sort of topical treatment as well.

One great product worth considering for any woman struggling with hair loss is Sephren. This all natural treatment program combines an excellent dietary supplement with a topical foam that cleanses and moisturizes the scalp to help clear the way for health new hair growth. It is a comprehensive treatment that will get you the results you want fast.

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